TIG, MIG and 3D LASER welding

Robot-controlled TIG, MIG, 3D LASER welding stations for numberless automated welding jobs

Si.fer has made hefty investments in the welding process over the past few years and has purchased a new LASER welding station, featuring latest generation technology, able to perform qualitatively superior and extraordinarily rapid fusion welding jobs. The laser beam operates 15-20 cm from the workpiece. It melts the two materials in contact using a modest amount of heat to prevent excessive deformation and obtains a barely visible welding bead, all to the advantage of costs and the effective appearance of the product.

Stud bolts can be welded onto steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass sheet using the capacitor discharge welding method. Besides stud bolts, this type of welding is also suitable for female threaded bushings, straight pins and Fastons.

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Industry 4.0 for a pathway to innovation and development

A management system that provides real time information about the processing status and delivery timescale.
From the moment the raw materials are purchased, every stage in the process is constantly monitored. Each production lot is traceable, thereby optimizing the entire machining cycle.