Quality and Certifications

Medium-light structural metalwork and semi-finished products featuring high quality standards

“We offer innovative medium-light structural metalwork solutions and semi-finished products featuring high quality standards”

Our quality philosophy: from precision parts to perfect results

Quality, design engineering and Co-design

From the quality of the process to the quality of the product: the entire Si.Fer process is based on the constant traceability of every workpiece, from design engineering to machine tool programming and actual production.

During the work cycle, we perform quality controls both in-line and in the metrology lab, where equipment and instruments certify product compliance with requirements.

A management system that provides real time information about the processing status and delivery timescale.

From the moment the raw materials are purchased, every stage in the process is constantly monitored and each lot identified to ensure total traceability of the entire production process.

To achieve superior QUALITY and optimize costs, we assess with our customers the best way to industrialize the product on a CO-DESIGNING basis.



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