Laser Cutting

High-speed processes and consistent quality

2000 to 8000W laser cutting machines able to rapidly cut any shape and thickness:

25 mm carbon steel
25 mm stainless steel
20 mm aluminium
10 mm copper
10 mm brass

The automated and extremely flexible loading-unloading system allows us to work even unmanned shifts and process both large and small production lots

Focus on

TruLaser 5030 fiber

TruLaser 5030 fiber is a 2D laser cutting machine which stands out for its high speed and the consistent quality of the workpieces it produces, even when complex contours are involved.
Thanks to the solid-state laser, the machine is able to reach excellent advancement speeds and the 8 kW TruDisk 8001 laser chosen by Si.Fer can cut a wide range of materials.
Equipped with smart assistance systems, TruLaser 5030 fiber provides a productive, reliable machining process with very little operator involvement required.