Technological innovation and on-going training

All-round know-how

“Our commitment? To always focus on technological innovation, training and the professional growth of our personnel”

We are specialized in the production of medium-light structural metalwork and semi-finished products. Thanks to our flexible, dynamic and technologically advanced organization, we are able to meet the requirements and demands of a great many sectors. We possess advanced skills and innovative machinery, including a significant number of cutting, punching and bending systems.

Over 35 years of experience at our customers’ service

Result of a project by Ferdinando Sisti, Si.Fer was founded in 1982 and soon became established in the die-making and presswork industry

By closely monitoring the continuously evolving market, the company broadened its range of services over the years and became specialized in sheet-metal working on a subcontracting basis.

  • The production capacity is guaranteed by a comprehensive number of technologically advanced and automated machine tools and systems;
  • Modern 2D/3D software and specially trained staff members deal with all the technical-production details;
  • Active Speed Control, which monitors the different machining parameters independently;
  • Controlled temperature metrology lab, with specific test equipment and instruments;
  • Compact and highly flexible TruStore vertical storage system with 20 stations for stacking and picking. Thanks to the modular principle, it can be developed through to total automation and expanded at any time to suit the needs of every company;
  • We work with forwarding agents able to assure fast deliveries and guarantee the utmost care of the goods they transport;
  • Partnerships with contractors for the galvanic processes and surface treatments required to complete semi-finished products.

“Each department possesses know-how and experience able to optimize our lead times and resources and ensure a rapid response to our customers’ specific requirements”

Synergy between expertise and Technology: We have a team of 50 employees and a comprehensive array of machinery.
We are able to machine all types of metal, e.g. steel, carbon steel, aluminium, 304 and 316 stainless steel, brass and copper.

Focus on

Industry 4.0 for a pathway to innovation and development

A management system that provides real time information about the processing status and delivery timescale.
From the moment the raw materials are purchased, every stage in the process is constantly monitored. Each production lot is traceable, thereby optimizing the entire machining cycle.